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1. Susikoira roi Series: Susikoira Roi is in the mid-70s book series. The series features a dog named Roi as well as his owner Tomy. and the book from my own story was the funniest character, Soikkeli. Their purpose is always to unravel some mystery.

2. SOS Series: SOS is a book series written by Enid Blyton that tells the story of seven children - Peter, Janet, Pam, Barbara, Colin, Jack and George - and their Bella dog. They decide to set up a secret group called: SOS. The book takes you on a journey of all the adventures of the children.

3. Anna Liisa: Anna Liisa is a true story based on events where we follow the story of Anna Liisa and her husband John until Anna Liisa's former beloved Mikko arrives at the scene to mix the pack.

4. Anne Frank: Anne Frank is a book about a Jewish girl named ... surprisingly Anne Frank. He lived during the Holocaust. The book was created from his diary. The book ends on 1.8

5. The boy in the striped pajamas: This book also takes place during the Holocaust when the family moved close to the concentration camp, Actually in front of the camp. In the story, you follow a boy named Bruno and his Jewish friend Shmuel

6. Boy on top of a mountain: The book is based at the same time as the previous book. In the book, we follow a Jewish boy from France who became Hitler’s best friend and a toy player for Adolf’s dog Blond.

7. And no one was saved: There is a book with an island called: A soldier on an island called 10 people. People are slowly starting to decline. Each resident received a letter from Lord U.N. Owen.

8. Kalevala: It is a Finnish national book. The Kalevala is a story that draws you according to the ancient Väinämöinen to listen to his harp's melodies.

9. Tuntematon sotilas: It is one of Finland's most famous books on Continuation War warfare. So, according to Rahikainen, jump on incredible war trips.

10. Nörtti 1: is a DragonSlayer666 character series that follows the Dragon "Diary". the series evolves as Drago meets new people and the story can begin.

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